Where to get a COVID test in Lisbon, Portugal

Wondering where you can get a COVID test in Lisbon, Portugal? Here is a list of testing centers throughout the city.

Published on
September 14, 2021

These days, a visit to Lisbon will likely not be without needing to get some sort of COVID-19 test. If you're traveling to and from Lisbon via plane, and you're not a holder of an EU Covid Certificate, you'll need a negative Antigens or PCR test to enter, and depending on your destination, another negative Antigens or PCR test to exit. Many hotels as well as indoor restaurants on weekends and holidays are also requiring Covid tests. Fortunately, there are many places in Lisbon to get these tests done, and the process is pretty easy. Here's a list of testing centers throughout the city.


There are various Synlab locations around Lisbon that provide rapid antigens and RT-PCR tests. The rapid antigens costs 30€, and the RT-PCR test costs 90€. Just an 11 minute drive away from Outsite Lisbon, and a 6 minute drive from Outsite Intendente, SYNLAB Lisboa (Av. Liberdade) is the closest center to both Outsite spaces.
Find other Synlab locations here.


At-home rapid test kits are sold at every pharmacy in Lisbon, and, while these aren't acceptable for travel, they are valid for checking into hotel accommodations or indoor dining on weekends. Some pharmacies also serve as Covid 19 testing centers, offering both rapid antigens and RT-PCR tests. Here's a list of the ones that do so. Note that it's best to make an appointment ahead of time as walk-ins are dependent on availability. Most of these locations will offer PCR or Antigens test for about 25-50€. Farmácia Silmar is a 4 minute walk from Outsite Intendente, and offers Antigens tests. If you're staying at Outsite Lisbon, Farmácia Normal also offers Antigens tests and is only a 12 minute drive away.

The Airport

There are a couple testing centers at the Lisbon airport including Synlab, located at the P1 Car Park in the departures zone. Tests are done on a first come first serve basis, so plan to arrive ahead of time (4 hours ahead of your flight is suggested). That said, there is a SYNLAB Access app, which allows you to book and pay for your test ahead of time, ensuring faster service.

Another option is to get tested through UCS - Cuidados Integrados de Saúde, a center that also provides antigens and RT-PCR testing. You'll find the center in the public area of ​​the Lisbon Airport terminal, located in the international departures area, next to the TAP Premium Customer Center. You'll receive the Rapid Antigen Test result within 45 minutes and the RT-PCR test result within 12 hours. Note that if you have a TAP airline ticket, you'll have access to exclusive benefits such as priority access and special discounts

Though rules and restrictions are changing all the time, Covid-19 tests are still very much a part of traveling. Be sure to always check the current expectations and restrictions for your destination(s) prior to travel, and if you're wondering where to get a Covid test in Lisbon, be sure to check out the testing centers listed above.

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