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30 Beautiful Places to Work From in 2018

The desks, coliving spaces and coffeeshops you should be working from in 2018.


We don't need to tell you why working remotely is brilliant for you and your work (but for starters, 66% of people feel more productive outside of the office, and the majority of those remote workers are happier too). So once you've got the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere - here's where to do it, from the surf beaches of Costa Rica to the highrises of New York.

1.  Outsite Neptune // San Diego

If you've seen the beachfront views, you'll know why this is here.


2.  Reynard's // New York

Favorited and frequented by our Head of Design. You can see why.  


3.  MCA Cafe // Sydney

Because views of the Sydney Opera House and contemporary art exhibits make for pretty inspiring surroundings. 


4. Coava Coffee // San Diego

We've featured their SD location, but their PDX branch is just as good - and photogenic.


5. Royale Café // Lisbon

Heated patios are neccessary with Atlantic winds - as are the mosaic walls and pretty pastries.


6.  Outsite // Bali

Desks in the jungle never looked so good. Book here.


7.  Ozone Coffee // London

Beans are roasted on-site, and there are work vibes (provided you don't arrive during weekend brunch hours). 


8. The Wheelhouse // Los Angeles

Come to get your bike serviced and caffeinate (or, more likely, people watch and caffeinate). 


9.  La Reserve // Paris

If you're going to work in Paris, it may as well be in a library like this. 


10.  City of Saints Coffee // Brooklyn

A beautiful workspace doesn't have to mean beaches and bright sun. This one's a block away from Outsite Brooklyn.


11.  Outsite // Brooklyn

And on that note, we should mention the slick workspace in Outsite Brooklyn.


12.  Verdeo // Medellin

Plenty of daylight, plants in every corner and a full, vegetarian menu makes Verdeo hard to leave.


13.  Verve Coffee // Santa Cruz

Saturday morning essentials: Verve coffees + your surfboard.


14.  Bulldog Edition // London

If you're going to stay anywhere in London, stay in the Ace - solely for the use of the Bulldog Cafe beneath.


15.  Haus Coffee // San Francisco

Wooden finishes and an open-air patio - it's what we like.


16.  SKYE Coffee Co. // Barcelona

Stroll into the warehouse, get your drink from the converted van and sit down. Yes, this is really a coffeeshop, and the Wifi is good.


17.  Outsite // Hawaii

Welcome to Hawaii's first coliving/coworking space. 🤘 


18.  Origin Coffee // Cape Town

If we lived in Cape Town, this is where we'd be.


19.  LX Factory // Lisbon

The land of boutiques, bookshops, tattoo parlours and rooftop bars - all in a converted warehouse.


20.  Outsite // Venice

If you haven't already checked out Outsite Venice // Pacific, you definitely should. 


21.  Crate Cafe // Bali

Come for the Wifi, stay for the smoothies.


22.  Outsite // Costa Rica

There isn't much in our Costa Rica location other than fresh fruit, the occasional pizza/wine night, fast Wifi and good waves.


24.  Lemon Middle & Orange // Melbourne

Melbourne's coffee culture has us lusting after an Outsite // Australia. Should we do it?


25.  Outsite // Tahoe

Yes. You can live and work remotely next to this.


26.  Coffee Coffee // Leucadia

Welcome to Leucadia. The coffee is strong, dogs are welcome and there are murals like this all around (Outsite SD is 5 minutes down the road).


27.  Ki Bok // Tulum

Tulum is almost too easy to forget about work in. Ki Bok makes it easier to stay online.  👩💻 


28.  Deus Emporium // Venice Beach

This is a bike shop - but once again, we're here for the Wifi and people watching. 


29.  westberlin // Berlin

Black coffee and wifi for when you want to work. Berlin-made vodka and magazines for when you don't.


30.  Outsite // Santa Cruz

Just 90 minutes outside of the Bay, you'll find this. The beach is 5 minutes away and we promise, it's a little quieter. 


Made a pact to travel more this year? Check out our locations to see where you might want to go next. Of course - all have beautiful workspaces. 🤘


Words: Rebecca Georgia 

Photographs: Instagram

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