Code of Conduct

These are the elements that govern how Members act within Outsite Spaces, online and offline.

By confirming your Membership with Outsite, you are agreeing to be part of a shared value system governed by transparency, honest interaction and mutual respect.

We are creating a network of trusted spaces, communities and people, open for new collaborations and connections. We invite you to be part of the location independent movement.

Outsite Code of Conduct

1. Your Application

By submitting your application for Membership via our website, you agree to abide by the following clauses. All Applications are vetted by Outsite prior to being approved.

2. Inclusion

People from all ethnicities, genders, orientations, abilities and ages are welcome to be part of Outsite. Outsite is rooted in a diverse and independent community, using the remote work revolution to define a new way of life. In order to foster the connections our Community is built on, all Members need to feel safe and supported in their environment.

Outsite Spaces are built on inclusion. Any behaviour that is deemed discriminatory, disruptive or abusive, including any form of verbal or physical abuse, the use of derogatory or discriminatory language, gestures or actions, any form of harassment, racism, sexism, or any other targeted comments which may violate any local, state or federal laws or cause personal offence to another Member, whether in-person, via the Slack Community, through social media channels or any other method of communication is not permitted. Outsite will take action against any Guest or Member found to demonstrate such behaviours, including revoking Membership, and cancelling all future bookings.

If you observe or experience any of the above behaviours in an Outsite Space, online or offline, please report it to

3. Coliving Etiquette

Coliving is a communal experience. In order for everyone to enjoy the Spaces, Members should maintain clean and tidy living spaces, keep noise levels to a respectful level, take calls in private rooms, and be considerate of all others they are sharing the space with.

4. Collaboration

The nature of Outsite is collaborative, whether you’re in an online event, or sharing a desk in one of our Spaces. A key element of the community is contribution during social occasions, and when interacting with other Members. The individual interactions here surmount to a far greater support system for the location independent lifestyle.

5. Sustainability

We operate in the most environmentally friendly way we can, and we ask our Members to do the same. This means travelling slowly, connecting with the local community where you are, and always being mindful of your lasting impact on the planet.

6. Legal

Members are expected to conduct themselves in alignment with local laws and restrictions. Any Member found to be disregarding local, government and/or state laws in any Outsite Space will be removed from the community.

7. Membership Benefits

So long as you are subscribed to Outsite as a Member, you are able to access all Outsite Spaces with a reservation, collect and use Outsite Rewards as Credit, use Outsite Perks, and claim Outsite Deals. If your Membership is cancelled and/or your Membership has been terminated, you will no longer have access to these Benefits.