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Community when you arrive.

Start meeting new people from your very first stay.

Outsite Encinitas Neptune
San Diego, California

Weekly Activities

Family dinners, hikes, surf lessons, yoga classes and happy hours after work - Community Managers organize weekly activities for guests staying in their Space.

Outsite Mission
San Francisco, California

Public Events

Outsite hosts public events like Launch Parties, Beach Cleanups, Nomad Story Nights and Outsite Supper Clubs. Check out the Event Schedule for details.

Outsite Biarritz
Biarritz, France

Community Managers

Outsite Community Managers are your first port of call when you want to know the biggest events this week, where to get the best coffee, or tips on translation in the local language.

Thank you Outsite team for the opportunity to be a part of this community.

I just sat around the big table in SF with 2 other members and we talked for awhile about life, travel, work, dating, etc. It is so nice to be surrounded by other digital nomads who can relate on levels other people simply can’t understand.

So thank you ❤️ It was such a nice way to start the weekend!

Lindsay Hirsch

Travel Stylist and Blogger

Outsite Venice Beach Pacific
Los Angeles, California

Community beyond your stay.

Keep connected to the Community, whether you're in Outsite or elsewhere.

Local WhatsApp Groups

Introduce yourself and get connected to other Guests before you've even checked in.

Community Facebook Group

Get the inside scoop on locations, up-to-date info on Outsite Events and connect with other community members.

Members-Only Slack

Get real advice from location independent professionals, whether it's on taxes, hustling for the next job or choosing a new residency.