The Outsite Experience    Working at Outsite

Well-designed workspaces right down the hall.


Adaptable workspaces ready for action morning, noon and night.

Outsite Parque Forestal
Santiago, Chile

Ergonomic work stations.

Natural light, office style chairs and adjustable height desks make it easy to find the place that works best for you.

Outsite Encinitas Grandview
San Diego, California

Office supplies on-site.

Everything is on site, including printers, scanners, Smart TVs and HDMI connectors. Sometimes your desk has an ocean view, too.

Outsite Williamsburg Grand
Brooklyn, New York

Alternative arrangements.

If there's no specific workspace, Outsite provides large tables, desks in bedrooms, or passes to nearby coworking spaces.

I've stayed at both Austin & Puerto Rico Outsite properties in the last two months and loved the experience I had at both.

The houses themselves are both in great locations and have incredible spaces to live and work from along with consistent, fast wifi.

Excited to see where I end up next with Outsite.

Dana Brown

Travel Stylist and Blogger

Outsite Bouldin Creek
Austin, Texas


Staying connected is our first priority. Outsite Spaces are wired for business.

Outsite Davos Klosters
Alps, Switzerland


Outsite Spaces provide the fastest possible internet connection, and SpeedTests are provided on each location page.

Outsite Cais do Sodre
Lisbon, Portugal


If there are ever issues with the network, we'll work as fast as possible to get you back online or set up with a back up connection.

Outsite Heavenly
Lake Tahoe, California


Whether you're conference calling in the kitchen or using Netflix in the lounge, Outsite's mesh routers have you covered.