Outsite COVID-19 Response & Guest Guidelines

In order for our Members and Guests to feel truly comfortable, we're introducing the following measures to ensure the safety of everyone staying at Outsite.

- We encourage all Outsite guests to be fully vaccinated on arrival. If vaccination is not possible for a guest, we encourage PCR tests and/or lateral flow tests before arrival.
-We operate contactless check-in.
- All Spaces are cleaned professionally.
- Hygiene consumables will be provided to Guests, including antibacterial hand soap and tissues.
- Extra cleaning supplies are provided in-house.
- We've removed high frequency touch points, including our arrival guides. This information can be found in your check-in email.
- Visitors are not currently permitted inside the Spaces.
- We are only hosting activities in selected spaces, and constantly reviewing the best practices for hosting events. We will continue to host online events.
- Fast COVID Management Strategies, if there are any cases detected in one of our Guests.
- We encourage longer term bookings to allow for less turnover inside the Spaces.
- Mandatory online pre-screening for all new Guests.

We're also requesting all Guests use the following guidelines in our Spaces.

- Wash hands regularly and thoroughly, especially on leaving and entering the space.
- Ventilate the Space by regularly opening windows to allow fresh air to flow through. 
- Only wash utensils using the dishwasher.
- Use your own linens inside the bathrooms, including hand towels.
- Wipe down surfaces before and after use with disinfectant.
- When washing kitchen towels or bath towels, wash on a hot cycle (140°F+)
- Visitors are not currently permitted inside the Spaces. You may socialize outside if abiding by social distancing measures.
- When collecting deliveries, dispose of external packaging as soon as possible.
- Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing/coughing. When using tissues, dispose of them immediately.
- Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth as much as possible.

If you’re concerned that you may have been in contact with COVID-19, please contact reservations@outsite.co or your local community manager immediately. 



Our current cancellation policy still stands. An extenuating circumstance credit rewards voucher may be considered for guests who test positive for COVID-19 and notify us in advance. For more information please contact reservations@outsite.co.

You can also check out our resource list for Travel Advice across all Outsite Locations.


What happens if a Guest contracts the virus? 

If you're exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay, including coughing, fever, or related respiratory issues, or have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please contact reservations@outsite.co or your local community manager immediately.

In the unfortunate case scenario that a guest tested positive during their stay, it would be up to the local healthcare provider to decide whether the guest needs to stay in a healthcare facility or not depending on the recommended treatment. If they approve of the guest leaving the healthcare facility and the guest does not want or cannot stay in any alternative accommodation, then the guest can stay for the duration of their stay while following the recommended COVID-19 isolation & safety guidelines.

At this time all other guests would be immediately notified of the situation and highly encouraged to get tested as soon as possible.  Outsite reserves the right to terminate and/or refuse services to any guest who does not follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to reservations@outsite.co.


Do you require vaccine certificates or negative PCR results for all guests staying at Outsite?

We strongly encourage that guests staying with Outsite are fully vaccinated a minimum of 7 days before their arrival, in-line with recommendations from the CDC and European Commission.

This is in order to keep our spaces safe for guests, the local community and Outsite employees. 

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