How does Outsite Rewards work?

What is Outsite Rewards?

Outsite Rewards is a program aimed at rewarding loyal Members with credits toward future stays at Outsite locations worldwide.

Outsite Rewards are based on a system of Points (which determine the Membership Status a user is given), Statuses (which determine how much credit a user is awarded for certain actions), and Credit (which can be exchanged for cash value when booking a future stay at Outsite).  

How to start using Outsite Rewards

Points are awarded to Outsite users for staying at Outsite locations and other selected actions.  1 point is awarded for every night stayed at Outsite, while 10 points are awarded for every additional Outsite City a user stays in.  For example, if a user stays 7 nights at Outsite Cais do Sodre and 3 nights at Outsite Venice Beach Dell, the user would be awarded 30 points.

However, if a Member stays 7 nights at Outsite Santa Cruz Oxford and 3 nights at Outsite Santa Cruz Pleasure Point, the user will be awarded just 20 points since both spaces are in the same City.

What is my Outsite Rewards Status?

These accumulated points determine a user's Membership Status. The user's Status is used to determine how much Outsite Credit the user is awarded for each night they stay at Outsite once they've reached that particular status.  

The Status hierarchy and Rewards are as follows:
Commuter: 0-29 points.  $0 nightly credit.
Traveler: 30-99 points.  $2 nightly credit.
Nomad: 100+ points.  $3 nightly credit.

Point accumulation is based around the date the user's Membership begins, and points are reset yearly on the Member's start date.  Once the number of Points you have surpasses the boundary for the next Status, your Status is upgraded.

If a Member is at the Commuter Status, the points are reset to zero on the one year anniversary of their Membership start date.  If the Member unlocked the Traveler or Nomad Status during that year, points are reset with the remainder of points above the last Status unlocked rolling over to their next Member year. For example, if you currently have 42 Points, your Traveler Status is maintained, and you carry 12 Points to the next year.

How to find my Outsite Rewards Status

Your Rewards dashboard can be found at  Log in and click on the "Rewards" tab.  There, you'll see your current Status, Points accumulated, and important dates to keep in mind for making sure you're making the most of how much Credit you could earn.  You'll also see how much Credit you've spent already, giving you a clear picture of how much Rewards have helped you save.  

How to use your Points (credit) for a stay

Redeeming your Rewards is quite simple.  When making a booking at Outsite, you'll be given the option to redeem Credit prior to finalizing your purchase.  Simply allocate your Credit toward the stay you're booking and the Credit will be applied.

Please note that Outsite Credits will only apply to 50% of your total booking price.  

New Status Bonuses

Bonus Reward Credit is also awarded to Members who unlock a new Status.  For new Members with Commuter Status, $25 in credit is awarded right away.  When a Member unlocks Traveler Status, an additional $25 in Credit is awarded.  For unlocking Nomad Status, $25 in credit is awarded.  

Examples of Members using Outsite Rewards

Example 1:
Member A starts her Membership June 6th, 2019.  She is awarded her Status Bonus of $50 in credit immediately.  Over the course of her Member year, she stays at 1 Outsite location a total of 18 nights.  By June 6th, 2020, she has been awarded 28 points.  However, since she didn't acquire enough points to move her to the Traveler Status, her points are reset to zero and she remains at Commuter for her Members year starting June 6th, 2020.  

Example 2:
Let's stick with Member A, but for her year beginning June 6th, 2020.  In July of 2020 she stays in two Cities for 22 nights, giving her 42 points.  Having passed 30 points, she's upgraded to the Traveller Status and starts earning $2 in credit for each night she stays in addition to her $50 Status Bonus.  In January and February of 2021, she stays at an additional two Cities for 43 nights, giving her an additional 63 points.  Now, she's made 105 points for her Member year and has been upgraded to Nomad Status, earning her $4 for each night she stays after achieving that Status, plus her $50 Status Bonus.  On June 6th, 2021, her points are reset and 5 points roll over to her next Member year, but her Nomad Status is retained for that year, allowing her to accumulate more credit.  Now, she needs only accumulate 25 points that year to retain Traveler Status, or 95 to retain Nomad Status.

Notes to Consider

Location Points (10 points for each additional Outsite City stayed at) can only be awarded once, even after point reset.
Credits are awarded on all stays when a user has achieved a requisite Status- even if that stay was paid for with credits.
Membership must be maintained to retain accumulated Credits.  If a user cancels her Membership with Credits on their account, that credit will also be forfeited.

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