How does Outsite vet Members?

We value our Members’ comfort and peace of mind, and we are seeking to build a community based on strong shared values. All prospective Members are vetted prior to being accepted into the community to ensure they’re a good fit for Outsite. 

A few things we look for in prospective Members:

  • People interested in pursuing a lifestyle rooted in community, growth, and empowerment.
  • People reflecting our company values in some way (like open mindedness, diversity, and sustainability)
  • People with value to add to the community (experience, personality, skills, or background)

‍A few things we check for before granting Requests and Applications:‍

  • A verifiable professional history
  • Some kind of verifiable online profile like Linkedin
  • Problematic legal issues in the near past
  • Any 'red flag' evidence that may cause problems living in our community
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