Who uses Outsite?

The Outsite Community is a diverse network of professionals from all over the world. You can meet some of them in our Humans of Outsite video.

Most Outsite users are what we call location flexible professionals, and they take into account far more kinds of jobs and situations than you may think.

Who are these people? We've identified several types. If you're here, you're probably one of these, too.


Who are they?
Often referred to as "digital nomads", these people are often location independent (meaning they don't need to be in any particular place for work) and travel quite often.  Often don't keep a permanent home base.  

You might be a Nomad if...
- You carry a full workstation setup in your suitcase.    
- You run a wifi speed test before unpacking
- Your family has stopped trying to understand what it is you do for a living

Meet a Nomad
Marie Clarke, Airline Innovation Strategist

Flexible Travelers

Who are they?
Similar to the Nomad, the Flexible Traveler is location independent or location flexible (needs to be in a certain place for work some of the time).  They often have a home base, and either travel in shorter stints or rent their place out during longer sojourns.  

You might be a Flexible Traveler if...
- You factor in your home's rent/mortgage cost when calculating your travel budget  
- You work to maintain a workout/nutrition routine when travelling so you can jump back into it when you get back home
- You spend far too much time debating whether you should ditch your apartment or just buy one so you can Airbnb it while you travel

Meet a Flexible Traveller
Jimmy Goor, Artist and Outsite Member

Business Travelers

Who are they?
Business Travellers are usually location flexible or fixed (they live in a certain place most of the time) and travel for work purposes.

You might be a Business Traveler if...
- Your first question at your accommodation is "Where's the iron?"
- You always try to find a way to tack on an extra day to bookend your trip to explore on your own
- Deep down, you know the airport lounge is always worth it

Meet a Business Traveller
Peg Samuel, Founder


Who are they?
Workationers (work vacationers) are often location fixed (either from work, home, or family), but take advantage of any flexibility they can squeak out to go somewhere even if they're working.  These include sabbaticals, but often include people working in workplaces just getting acquainted with remote work.

You might be a Workationer if...
- You've sent your boss links to articles describing the benefits of flexible work conditions and remote work
- You've pitched a trip with the line "Nobody will be in the office that week anyway"
- You've had to train your clients to understand that your work will still get done even if you're not in town

Meet a Workationer
Kaja Rangus, Professor

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