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Coliving at Outsite

Outsite is a global network of coliving spaces for location flexible professionals.

How to use Outsite

Outsite is a global network of coliving spaces. You can access these by booking a stay or becoming a Member.

Outsite Membership
grants you access to all the benefits Outsite has to offer. This includes Online Events, access to the Slack community, Perks, Members Rates on all Outsite spaces, and Outsite Deals.

You can also book a stay if you're not ready to make the jump into Membership.


New to the world of coliving and location independence? Here's the drill.


Also known as 'Home Sharing', coliving can be loosely defined as shared living space that improves quality-of-life for its residents. By allowing residents to pool resources, coliving can facilitate greater comfort, lower cost, and a strong sense of social belonging. The rise of the sharing economy and a growing demand for "access over ownership" has recently pushed the coliving movement into the mainstream.


Coworking refers to people working together in a shared space, often with different projects or companies. Similar to coliving, coworking is enabled by pooling resources between people to create workspace that is both productive and less expensive for all, without making the sacrifices made by people who work from home or cafes.

Location Independent / Location Flexible

Location independence refers to the degree to which one's professional life tethers them to a particular physical place. Most leverage mobile technology to allow them to work outside a traditional office. Location independent/flexible people are often entrepreneurs or freelancers, but a fast-growing set of companies are building distributed teams of location independent people as well.

Digital Nomad

Digital nomad is the most common term for location independent people who choose to be nomadic- that is, to travel often rather than having a steady home. Often these people work in fields that can be managed with just a laptop and a phone.

Coliving vs. AirBnB, Hotels and Hostels

Typically, guests may have previously tried hotels or AirBnBs when working and travelling. Outsite is designed with the best of both worlds to create a better solution for location independent professionals.

Discover a world of new locations

Everyone is unique, and so we've created a menu of different locations to reflect that. Whether you're happier in the surf, snow or the city, there's an Outsite for you.

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