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Sustainability governs what we do. To create a world where people can design and live their best lives with the freedom to live and work anywhere, we need to support the foundations we stand on. 

This is what we believe in.

Our People

Outsite is rooted in a diverse and independent community, using the remote work revolution to define a new way of life. To serve these people, we need to create open, supportive spaces that are accessible to all.

Diversity at Outsite

We are committed to becoming a place where everyone can feel at home. We’re working on becoming more inclusive.

Letter from Outsite CEO

Stronger, Together

This is a global community with local roots - all over the world. We aim to facilitate authentic connections, online and offline.

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Trust and Support

We're creating a trusted platform for our Members. Our community pledges to provide a supportive and inclusive space.

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Our Places

By travelling slowly, our Members become temporary residents rather than travelers. We encourage the exchange of skills and values between our Members and the communities they choose to be a part of. We’re responsible for where we operate, and how our footprint may impact the environment where we choose to do so. 

Local Initiatives

Our community recently raised $2,815 for Feed Bali. Check out the full impact of the project now.

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Human Experiences

Explore deeper connections with experiences built to bring you closer to the places you love.

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Become a Local

Use our local guides to discover each Outsite neighborhood, and connect with independent businesses.

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Our Planet

Ultimately, we have to sustain our planet to continue to enjoy it. Our practices are led with the planet in mind. We aim to create the most environmentally sustainable way to experience new places. 

One Tree Planted

We plant one tree for every booking made. We have planted more than 5,000 trees so far.

How Outsite Plants Trees

Sustainability at Outsite

From recycling to running Events, discover how we’re supporting the environment at home.

How Is Outsite Sustainable?

Slow Travel

We encourage longer stays - it’s better for you, and the planet. Learn more about sustainable travel.

Slow Travel Tips

Our Story

The founder of Outsite, Emmanuel Guisset, started the first space in Santa Cruz, California - on the premise that he could be closer to nature while working independently.

This sentiment echoes in all of our Spaces, and all of our actions. We enable people to fully enjoy what our planet has to offer, whether that’s the depth of human connection, or the grounding of being in nature. 
We harness the global pivot towards remote work to allow more people to share these experiences, uncovering a new way to live.

Diversity at Outsite

"Outsite’s mission is to create open and supportive spaces where people can connect and support each other, no matter what their background is. The more diverse our members and team are, the stronger our mission becomes."

Ramon Outsite Headshot

Emmanuel Guisset

CEO and Founder - Outsite

Diversity & Inclusion at Outsite

In order to build spaces where everyone can feel safe, welcome, and at home, there is no place for discrimination of any kind in Outsite. This applies to both our physical and digital spaces.

Company Practices

While we may be an international team, we realize we can always do better to ensure we build a truly diverse and equitable community.

• We are educating our team in becoming better allies, at work and at home

• We are becoming more intentional about who we Partner with, ensuring we have a diverse range of voices working with Outsite

• We are creating specific Initiatives to have a positive social impact on the communities we are based in

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