Meet 5 Digital Nomad Lawyers Working Remotely Around the World

These groundbreaking law practitioners are making it work travelling the world as digital nomads while flourishing in their professional careers - and so can you.

Traditionally, law hasn't been thought of as the most progressive profession when it comes to work-life balance and job flexibility. And it's true - many law positions still require on-premises meetings, client work, and visits to make their firms run smoothly.

However, that's not the case everywhere. There's a growing contingent of location independent lawyers working remotely away from the office, and some are even living the digital nomad lifestyle, travelling the world while keeping up on their work from their trusty laptops.

While it is true that you still don't see as many digital nomad lawyers as one might see computer programmers, the number is growing steadily. Here's five digital nomad lawyers out there in the world living the lifestyle they're always dreamed of.

Lee Rosen

Lawyer and Director at Rosen Institute. Lee founded, grew, and sold a lucrative law firm while traveling in 90+ countries.
Check out his website

Simon Shields

His clients are regular people from Ontario, Canada who are prepared to self-litigate with his assistance. He also created You can check out an interview with Simon here.

Larissa Bodniowycz

Licensed attorney in Florida and California who operates a her own digital law firm, Bold City Legal remotely. Check out her profile on

Deborah Newton

Works remotely working as a consultant lawyer, as well as a life-coach. Check out her blog here.

Yuliana Colorado

Runs a blog for digital nomad lawyers called Digital Lawyer while maintaining her law practice while working remotely. You can read an interview with her on Remoters.

How to Become a Digital Nomad


There isn't really one path that works for everybody, but a good place to start is our Ultimate Digital Nomad Guide.

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