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Membership Profile Requirements

If you want to be profiled, we'll ping you when your next stay is over to provide the following content.

Images and Video

  • 1 Hi-Res Photo of you in an Outsite-relevant environment - this will be used in the Hero for the post and on social media.

  • At least 4 images and 1 video from your stay. Of these 5 minimum, at least 4 should be on Outsite property. Links to Instagram images and video instead is also acceptable.  These will be used throughout the post and on social media.

  • Content should fit into one of the following categories: Living at Outsite, Working at Outsite, and Community at Outsite. All images and video should feature people. Each image and video must have a caption that adds context to the interaction.

Written Content

Just a heads up - we'll be asking questions like an interview, but we reserve the right to edit and adjust answers to potentially format them into paragraph form rather than Q/A, more like a guest post rather than an interview.

Q1 Group
Demographic Questions
- Year of Birth
- Where are you from?
- What's your job title?
- What's your industry? (dropdown)
- Employer/Company Name
- Lifestyle (dropdown: Nomad , Hybrid, Traditional)Q1
*Tell us a bit about your background. Please include all applicable:*
- A bit about where you're from
- What have your last 5 years been like, personally and professionally?

What are you working on now? Please include all applicable:
- Your work situation as it relates to remote work
- Your professional and/or entrepreneurial work
- Any charity or special interest projects you are working on
- Ways you may be able to help people who read this post

What's next for you? Please include:
- Skills or expertise you're working on improving
- Kinds of people you're looking to connect with

Tell us about your experience with Outsite so far. Please include all applicable:
- Your experience with the space(s) (the living and working situations)
- Your experience with the community (connections and opportunities made)
- How Outsite fits into your lifestyle

Any tips or recommendations that have helped you navigate the nomadic lifestyle?

What's got you excited these days? (up to 3 ideas, activities, media, people or purchases have you found useful and interesting recently)

How should people get in touch with you? (social links, website, email, etc)