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Life is better as an Outsite Member.

Members receive exclusive benefits including open access to the Outsite network, Members Rates, and curated Perks for the travel lifestyle.

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Homes all over the world.

Member's have open access to all Outsite's spaces, and more flexible booking options.

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Outsite Cais do Sodre
Lisbon, Portugal

Rates and Deals

Stay longer, for less.

Living globally doesn't have to break the bank. Members save up to 30% on stays, and can access deals of up to 40% off.

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Outsite Williamsburg Grand
New York City


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Enjoy stays that pay with Outsite Rewards. Members immediately start earning credit toward future stays, including a $50 sign-up bonus.

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Outsite Encinitas Neptune
San Diego, California

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Live nomadically with the social and material support you need.


Partner Perks for the nomadic lifestyle.

Deals and discounts on related Partner products and services. Think free travel insurance and discounted flights and rentals.

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Outsite Mission
San Francisco, California

Outsite Venice Beach Pacific
Los Angeles, California

Slack Community

Global community, in your pocket.

Join 500+ Outsite Members in our private Members Slack and Facebook groups, as well earning invites to Members-only events.

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Ideas and advice from a panel of experts.

From nutrition toraising VC money, use Outsite's Expert Network to get the knowledge you need from the top minds in the field.

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Outsite Venice Beach Dell
Los Angeles, California

"Love the co-living and co-working aspect! Working remote and traveling can be lonely. After a long day, it was cool to find other people to hang out and explore with. I made some great friends, saw an awesome city, AND got my work done. Now I want to visit all the locations!"

"My husband and I have been to Outsite three times - Lisbon, Hawaii and Bali. All amazing - but our most recent was Bali: staff was wonderful and helpful, and we had Natalie as our community manager who was constantly in contact about what to do and bringing us out to different places we had never seen before!"

"I was staying at all their places in a row and totally loved it. I arrived with no expectations and it completely blow my mind... I met a whole lot of great people and made a couple of new friends. You got me! Thank you for the great time I had! Can't wait to be back soon."

"Outsite is a great idea. It has the social benefits of a hostel, but with the privacy and professionalism that you need as a digital nomad. I stayed at the beautiful Lisbon building and loved it. Great wifi and great facilities. 5 stars!"

"“Outsite is a home in paradise. My wife and I have stayed at Outsite Bali twice. One, because of the location and design. Two, because the community is phenomenal. We are looking forward to our third trip!”

"I've stayed in two locations so far and absolutely love it. Great work spaces, amazing rooms, location within the cities is fantastic, and the community is a good mix of geniuses and really interesting people. Looking forward to my next stay with them!!"

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