Connect with Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads often work in isolation. We may be part of a remote team, with colleagues spread all over the world. We may be freelancing. Working from home, cafes, coworking spaces. Come connect with other digital nomads, offline. Share Nomad Stories, network, learn. Join us on January 31st in San Francisco, or follow Outsite on Twitter to be notified of the next event! Coming soon to a city near you.

Listen to Nomad Stories from people who have quit their jobs to embrace the location independent lifestyle, as well as people who are working for leading remote companies.

  • DRINKS: Liquid courage will be provided to loosen those nerves and get everyone chatty
  • QUALITY CONTENT: Listen to Nomad Stories from veterans, gain tips and tricks
  • COMMUNITY: An opportunity for current and aspiring digital nomads to connect

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