Increase your rental revenue by up to +50%  

Outsite is a coliving brand and operator that designs and manages residential and commercial properties to appeal to the growing market of remote workers and distributed teams.  We deliver exceptional performance to our partners through smart design and tech-enabled operations.

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Why work with Outsite?

Increase rental revenue/property yield

We maximize NOI through optimized occupancy and rates and streamlined operational costs made possible through innovative marketing, management technology, and brand. We also boast industry-leading 60% direct bookings.

Eliminate operational workload

Turn-key operational services and technologies designed to run property operations, marketing, and sales with no owner involvement.

Increased property value

Industry leading design and renovation paired with low-impact customer base lead to long term property value retention and increases.

How We Work with Owners and Landlords:

Management Contract

Are you a landlord or an institutional investor and want to outsource operations for a particular asset?
We'll manage the space for you, for a fee on revenue and net profit.


Are you a landlord/operator who wants to keep operating? We franchise the Outsite brand to landlords with shared values who want to offer a strong community experience.


Do you wish to sell us an asset, or are a real estate broker or consultant? Feel free to send us a proposal.

Excellence in international coliving operations

4+ years of international experience

Outsite has built a highly-sustainable coliving operating model proven with with 4+ years of experience operating in a dozen of countries worldwide.

Extremely satisfied customers

Consistency of space and amenities, standard for property quality, and focus on community has helped Outsite maintain an NPS of 77, well above industry average.

Leader of Remote Work +Travel Segment

We serve the growing segment of digital nomads, professional remote workers, and flexible business travellers working as entrepreneurs, freelancers, or in remote companies like Twitter and Facebook.

We're backed by well-known VC and real estate groups

Our real estate developer partners

Trusted by names you know for corporate retreats or their remote worker's travels

Outsite Biarritz - France

In 2019, Outsite opened a new franchise in Biarritz in collaboration with a young local landlord. Formerly called Hotel Gardenia, converting into an Outsite transcribed for the landlord into more revenue, longer stays, and a younger, more dynamic clientèle

"Overall, my workload & expenses decreased dramatically. The clientele is younger, easy-going & easier to manage. People appreciate (and participate in) the cleanliness & order. Outsite filters in ideal guests - no kids, no large families, mostly singles & couples. "

Arthur Queron

Landlord - Outsite Biarritz

Outsite San Diego - Grandview

In 2017, Outsite opened a new franchise the seaside town of Encinitas, California. Originally used as a short-term rental property, Outsite helped increase NOI by over 40%.

Property Requirements

Our customers require lively, walkable surroundings, common social space, and quality finishes.

Commercial Space:
15-75 bedrooms

Medium sized properties for** short term rental use.
• Bedroom/bathroom ratio: 1-1 to 2-1
• Former hotels, hostels, and B&B’s are ideal.

7-15 bedrooms

Medium sized properties with current STR use.
• Bedroom/bathroom ratio: 1-1 to 2-1
• Former vacation rentals, BNBs, corporate housing, services apartments.

Large common areas and shared kitchen

Our model offers Members variable length of stays, making communal kitchen and work space imperative.

Near natural or cultural beauty

Urban spaces should be conveniently placed near cultural activities, while less dense locations should near natural attractions (beach, mountains, etc).

Walkable and Transit-Friendly

Since most Outsite members will not have cars, a walkable neighborhood is paramount. Easy access to restauants, bars, and shopping is heavily preferred. Must be within 2 hours drive of major airport.

Modern finishes and updated fixtures

Recently remodelled houses are ideal, but Outsite will still consider other properties as long as the fixtures are in excellent repair. We are also able to advise on and conduct renovation projects together with owners.

High Priority Locations • Management Contract or Purchase

We're actively looking for spaces in the following locations.

Berlin, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
London, UK
Paris, France
Balearic/Canary islands, Spain

San Diego, CA
Miami, FL
Denver, CO
Boulder, CO

Additional Locations  • Management Contract, Purchase, or Franchise

We're very open to looking into properties in the following locations.

Medellin, Colombia
Mexico City, Mexico
Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney, Australia

Chamonix, France
Valencia, Spain
Malaga, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain
Budapest, Hungary
Rome, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Algarve, Portugal
Athens, Greece
Split, Croatia
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Santa Cruz, CA
Ojai, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Orange County, CA
Joshua Tree, CA
Big Bear, CA
Austin, TX
Portland, OR
Bend, OR

We are open to other locations for potential franchise opportunities - please contact us.

From our Members:

"Great work spaces, amazing rooms, location within the cities is fantastic, and the community is a good mix of geniuses and really interesting people."

Ramon Outsite Headshot

Ramon Arora


"It has the social benefits of a hostel, but with the privacy and professionalism that you need as a digital nomad... Great wifi and great facilities. 5 stars!"

Gemma Outsite Headshot

Gemma Thompson


"I made professional connections, relaxed and got great quality work done. I love Outsite spaces, it makes working remote much more fun."

Monique Outsite Headshot

Monique Doughty


"I really enjoyed my stays at Outsite as a lone traveler as it always made for a soft landing in a foreign city."

Sam and Sammi Outsite Headshot

Sam and Sammi


"I was staying at all their places in a row and totally loved it. I arrived with no expectations and it completely blew my mind."

Sammy Outsite Headshot

Sammy Shuckert

UX Designer

"I travel a lot for work and pleasure and I honestly prefer Outsite. I get to interact with travelers and make new friends after any new stay. Outsite is like my home away from home!"

Bianca Outsite Headshot

Bianca Bonilla


"I made some great friends, saw an awesome city, AND got my work done. Now I want to visit all the locations!"

Danny Outsite Headshot

Danny J. Johnson


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Work with us as a landlord or real estate developer

We’re experts at developing and operating spaces to NOI and property value while reducing operational workload. Work with us to cater to a new wave of long term low impact travelers.

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Work with us as a broker, scout, or property hunter

We work with both experienced brokers and local property scouts to find the best coliving opportunities in markets worldwide.

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Work with us as a hotel or commercial space owner.

We work with hotel, hostel, and coliving owners looking to partner with an experienced, cutting-edge brand.

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