Business Memberships

An employee perk for the remote work era. Give everyone at your company Outsite Membership, at a discounted price.

Open the world up to your team.

Whether you’re a remote-first company or hybrid team, Business Memberships make it easy for your employees to stay comfortable and productive while traveling and working remotely.

Worldwide Locations

With 40+ spaces on 4 continents, employees can choose where to work based on time zone or personal preference.

Comfortable Homes, Built for Work

Ensure team members stay focused and productive with lightning fast wifi and comfortable workspaces.

Remote Community

Help employees network with other work-focused professionals to stay happy and connected.

Business Membership Features

Discounted Membership Rates
Gift Outsite Credit
Dedicated Account Manager
Deals & Rewards

Set Your Team Up

5% off Annual Memberships
Purchase Outsite Credits
Dedicated Account Manager
15% off Annual Memberships
5% off Outsite Credits
Dedicated Account Manager
30% off Annual Memberships
10% off Outsite Credits
Dedicated Account Manager

A new team solution for the remote work era

Open Source Billing API for product-led SaaS, backed by Y Combinator.

As a remote company, we had a super fun and productive time at Outsite Biarritz! We loved the flexibility and we actually want to do a multi-company workation next time with other fellow companies from Y Combinator.

I discovered Outsite individually as I spent a month at Outsite Santa Teresa. I immediately shared the concept to the team. Also as a CEO I wanted to make sure the team could also access the right spaces and the relevant community when they work remotely. We can keep organizing 'company workations', or now  that they have a membership, they can also plan trips organically as they wish.
Get Lago co-founder
Anh-Tho Chuong
Co-founder & CEO of Get Lago

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to set up my entire organization or can I only set up a specific team?
I work for a large corporation, can you accommodate more than 500 Memberships?
If I’m purchasing for my team, can I purchase Lifetime Memberships instead of Annual Membership?
Can I transfer the Membership to a different employee in the middle of the year?
How does Outsite Credit work? Does it expire?
I’m not interested in purchasing Outsite Credit, I only want to set up my team with Membership. Is that possible?
I want to book a team retreat to trial Outsite before purchasing Memberships for my team. Is that possible?
How am I billed for Business Memberships? Does it auto-renew?
Can I increase or decrease the number of Memberships once I’ve completed my purchase?
I’m ready to set my company up, what’s the next step?
I still have some questions, can I talk to someone?