The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

Everything you've ever wanted to know about working from home, from jobs and business ideas to productivity and office set up hacks.
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How to find a work from home job

Looking for a work from home job? First, you should assess whether your current job could be a work from home job. This might include negotiating for more flexible hours with your boss, investing in more online communication software, and starting off small. By showing you can do 1 day a week from home and you’re still productive, your boss is more likely to permit you to go full time remote. Check out how to ask your boss for more flexible hours here.

If you’re looking for a new work from home job, you can check out any of the following companies currently hiring. Generally, your skillset will need to be online, whether that’s development, marketing, design or communications.

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Work from home business ideas 

Alternatively, you could also create your own business to start working from home. This is less stable, so keep your current job while you work towards your side hustle. Here are some of the most popular work from home business ideas: 

  • eCommerce 

  • Make your service into a product (create and sell ebooks or courses) 

  • Consultancy 

  • Teaching 

  • Freelancing

Work From Home Tips

When working from home, there are a few work from home best practices you should consider adopting.

  • Create a dedicated workspace, whether this is a desk or a room  

  • Ensure your desk and computer screen are in places that do not strain your neck and back

  • Refocus your eyes every 20 minutes (focus on a spot further away from your computer screen)

  • Make sure to leave the house for fresh air - it can be easy to spend 6-8 hours stuck at your desk

Check out the following article for more tips on staying productive when working from home.

Work From Home Desks

How tall should your desk be?
Your desk should be between 28 and 30 inches, for most people measuring 5 foot 8 inches or above. The top of your screen should be in line with your eyebrows, and the desk should be in line with your elbows. The same rule applies when using a standing desk, although the height will differ. 

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How do you create an ergonomic workspace?
Create an ergonomic workspace by ensuring you are not straining your neck when looking at the screen and your back is straight. You can purchase back supports to improve your seated posture, as well as foot rests to relieve pressure on your hips.

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