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Why are we creating this club?

Outsite started by leasing properties and investing the necessary capex/remodel to prove our concept and build a network of branded properties. One year ago, we focused on entering into revenue share agreements with the owners. This model has been successful and we have built a good track record in different locations.  With the recent pandemic, the real estate market has cooled down and there are plenty of opportunities to turn existing struggling hospitality properties into Outsite spaces while capturing the future long term appreciation.

How does it work?

We will target large vacation homes in remote locations and distressed hospitality assets impacted by the pandemic. The target IRR will vary between 10% for residential properties and between 15-20% for commercial properties. Outsite will deal with all the legal structure and asset management issues. You will receive annual dividends from the property and your investment back + interest in case of a liquidity event (refinancing or asset sale). Investors will also get additional discounts when staying in the property they invested in.

Each property is assessed with a full business plan that will be shared with you along with all assumptions and due diligence analysis. The Outsite management fees, and any fee associated with managing the investment are also clearly disclosed in the investment memorandum for each property which you should review prior to any investment. The performance of your investment will be tracked and communicated on a quarterly basis.

Register using this form to receive curated investment opportunities once a month. You can also send us properties you are interested in purchasing for our sourcing team to assess.

Where will the properties be, and who can join?

We will first focus on properties in the US, Central America and Europe where we have expertise operating and a large network of scouts.
Any U.S accredited investor is able to join and place offers, however, some opportunities will also be open to non-accredited investors. The minimum investments will range from $50,000 to $100,000 USD. Investors will also receive additional discounts and/or time share allotments when they invest.

How do I get started?

We are starting this initiative with our current Costa Rica location. View property.

What about investing in the Outsite brand?

We recently closed a round but would be willing to extend the round to members for a limited amount. You can contact Brandon@outsite.co for more info.

Got questions?

You can contact Brandon@outsite.co for more info.

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